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I'm Michael. the Dark knight Archangel. Gay. Aries. Miami.
Happy Anniversary 2nd 12/01/13

I haven’t been so deep about sharing my inner love with u in a long time. So here it goes. It’s been almost three years now since I met this young man at Miami dade. A year of getting to know you was epic. Up and down. Left and right. Front and back getting to know someone whose different and wise. Someone is also lost but can be found as well. It’s not because your homosexual. It’s was all about you who shown his world and I shown u mines. You became a part of my world and the same with you. I came close to you since I told you about my burden that I carry. You are the first guy who accept the reality of my burden and still come after me. Even though it took you time and patient to understand it. Your an better human being that I am. That what I though till I finally saw so many sides of Arthur. No matter what you choose & what path you choose. I pray you only do it for you n you alone. I love your genuine side. I love your freaky side & your demon side. Even when someone cut you down. You still became on top by your own will power. You face death n negative all your life. Arthur your still alive & your here for a bigger reason. Don’t you ever forget that. Don’t forget who you are inside. Build yourself up for you n you only. Your never truly alone in this world. You are created to love and share your life to the world.  I love your light that holds that galaxy homo lost boy that becoming an young man now. I love your darkness. Darkness n light will always fight within you. It’s part of life. I dont regret being a part of you. not one bit. i dint regret falling 4 an complex guy. im one too. You are an human with flesh n bone who carries his own soul. I love everything about you and I accept everything about you. No matter what path you choose. Ur darkest days or light days. Don’t ever forget who you are no matter what happens. I don’t know what the future holds for us. If we ever break up. Ill always be with you and most of all I will always love you forever my other half. Arthur jr Pookie.<3 :*


Who am i? MIchael Izanami

For those who don’t know about Izanami go watch the hit anime series, Naruto or look it up on here.  

when i was done watching today new epiosde of naruto about the Uchina brothers fighting against kabuto. Itachi explain the history of the clan powerful justu Izanami and how it works.

I never fully understand how the manga explain it but the anime made it shorter and basic. thank god! LOL  An justu that lets its victim be in an endless loop till the person finally accept its outcome and for who they really are.

when i was done watching the show. i keep hearing this voice from my abyss of my soul. i been hearing this voice for many years in rare time. Only happen two or four times a year. It keep saying the same thing over & over. REMEMBER.

this time, it was burning with fire and it says REMEMBER THE BEGINNING MICHAEL. 

So i decide to mediate to find out where this voice coming form. lay down on the floor with my legs cross. Took a few breath to focus myself and go inside my inner truth and this time it was different than before.

Go back to the beginning michael.

I see the gate of my soul, my inner world, the gate of my very existence in the middle of my yang-ya. its so different and i see my five year old self.sitting down in front of the gate. He look back at me with tears coming from his eyes telling me “Finally you made it this time, what took you so long this time?” 

Its been too long that you forgotten about me since you went to that new school.

i ask my 5 year old self, what are you talking about?

he point at me and say, you grow up but you forgot who you are? the source and trust me man I’m not only talking about personalty. 

i laugh at him and say i know who i am.

he say of course you are. you look up to your name “who is like god” and think you can be batman. i’m sorry but that not you. you will never be batman or michael if you don’t accpct me. you let society and family put fear in your mind throughout your childhood. your letting our dream die by not doing enough. your 23 with no job or at school anymore. you fail by doing it by yourself when your fear and pride keeps you from asked help. I’m stronger than your ass and I’m only five years old.  People do change but you change to fail in so many ways. Don’t be lost anymore older me. We can become one again and this time we can change to being a better person.  take my hand while you still can.

why should i??????? i don’t remember you

5 yr self say because you don’t want to remember the past. you don’t want to remember that tony hit you and call you an fag, You don’t wanna remember that you suck his penis. its not your fault Michael that you fail off your truth self. its not too late to change. its not too late to face your past and move forward. you clam you forgive him n yourself but somewhere down the line you rather forget who you are and started to add things to cove the real you!!!! You haven’t stop caring to help, to love and to speak your mind but you forgot about your leadership. your inner kid is dying here and now your lost more than ever.

Older self, why now? i can’t face what happen i just can’t! :(

If u can’t face the past then lets fight.

The two Arthur’s appear behind him, the brother and the bear wolf.

:O how dare you!!!!!!!!!!

5yr self, if u can’t accept the past than ill use your future to take u down.

older me, what do u mean??????

figure it out yourself !!!!! Arthur and pookie take him down!!! and O older me, don’t worry their connect with you isn’t give them a signal as long as i can have them on in the yang-ya field.

Now go!

both Arthur’s coming right at me…..

i picture myself with my own spirit sword n it manifest itself in my hand . while lil brother Arthur comes at me with full speed. i active my spirit barrier to block him and to protect myself. i notice im not strong right now to hold on and fight my arthurs at the same time 

i only have five mins to fight. this is bad!!!!!!

I look at lil brother arthur attack my barrier with his hands and cashes me then i hear his voice “Big brother!!! it time to take down your past and face it by remember who you are.”

i told him its not easy. then i look around to see where arthur pookie bear wolf was at. i don’t see him anywhere.

then i realize he must be…….

the ground under me breaks and pookie comes up in his bear form. my barrier breaks and at the same time i look my other half n i hear his voice. mikey!!!!!!!!! you once told me that you see yourself in me. the lost boy but you never told me about this. i understand why you haven’t babe but ill be ready for you when you wanna talk about more of your pain. face the past and more about the real you can be free.

THAT ENOUGH as i YELL and unleash my energy blast to blow away everything but that didn’t work.both arthur’s cut my head off. i scream out loud till

i open my eyes an see my 5yr old self standing n the two arthur behind him. i was like wtf what happen…….

5 yr self say your in an loop and you need to accept the past and remember who you really are and if you don’t we can keep on doing this till the date you regret it you coward sorry ass!!!!!!!

older me say im done and my name is Michael BBBBBBB . I’m an lost boy who is tried and done with it. i’m 23 who lives in miami. I’m homosexual and know i can become more  than i already am. i rather prove my actions than to forget what happen. now shut up n join to become one now!!!

5yr self says as he fades away…..Finally you remember who you are and for that i’m glad im back and that i can finally say i know i can prove myself that i can become more :’) thank you Michael bayron kisuke 

Inner truth is done and Izanmai experience is done

i wake up with tears coming from my eyes and with a smile on my face.

thank you naruto

Count Down of all the good things of 2012 in my life.

1) God

    God messages touch my soul and made me a better person this year than last year. 

2) Love

     I was’t looking for it but it to got me. the end on the subject :) I could not say anymore about this subject because i might breakdown as i”m typing this. I’m happy  


     Dance was fun &  free even though i had a lil fear and that fear was holding me back but in the end i was free and all over the place. 

4)Little brother returns,

     My lil brother return to Miami and i finally got to see him after not seeing his ass for almost two years and it was wonderful catching up. No matter how much time fly by, we still have that strong ass brother of hated/love saskue and itachi brotherhood BOND!!! shit like when was kids growing up. 

5) Gay Pride Event,

   This year gay pride event was the shit. this time, i wasn’t late to miss the parade like last year. thank god i went with the boo instead of my girlfriends because I might be late missing the beginning of the event (no offesnse girls :D) I just wish i had more money to buy hit and hang out more but end up leaving with my girls to go home. next time, im staying at south beach till it gets DARK!!!!! LOL 


    I met new peolpe this year than last year and its more than what it become. One of           them became my second family. I love you guys and I’m so happy that your in my life and I hope we will be in each other lives forever and EVER!!!!!!!!!!! LOL 

7) 3SOME

    So I had a threesome with me, boo and a friend and it was hot. just wish we had more time but the friend had to go to work and I’m like FUCK WORK!!! but he had to go so it was only shower and oral in the bed. ;) Later on, I found out that he really wanted to go there to anal but he was worry about me thinking about if I’m gonna let my boo go down there and I’m like fuck that! life is too short for shit to be worry about that. These are the moments where its rare to take and I wouldn’t mind if he fucks you or Vers/vers fuck that. it was hot and im glad it happen. 

8) Came out the closet on father day

    I came out to my aunt on father day because I was sick of being in the closet on who I really was and who I was hanging. So it as hard to say and it more hard to open up who I really was. she cry and gave me a hug and glad i finally told her. Most of my family thinks I’m a fag but I don’t give TWO FUCKS about judging me because I’m the  black sheep. 

9) getting Medicine 

    After doctor advice and the real big emotional breakdown about me getting my meds. im glad i finally out the effort of getting my meds and i finally got them…the side effects r still a bitch but hey i have a long way to go. 

10) Empowerment 

    Empowerment was alirght and I did enjoy the gay guys hitting me up though gay apps and gay dating sites.  I’m like damn!!!! why can u guys hit me in person and their answers always be I though you taken by him and I’m like so lost…………… In the end, the place was enjoyable and I went there for worlds aids day, Good time as hell.  

so the good things that happen this year on 2012 so next year i’m might just created a new tumblr page but this one might stay up so whose knows. 

the cut

When Someone puts a cut on your soul, it will heal. The cut will becomes a scar and the scar will become a tattoo of a symbol. That symbol means you will never be forgiven the person who put that cut on my soul. No matter if he/she was right or wrong. It means their words of action was able to cut my soul down a little and left a mark with the rest of my life. The tattoo also means I mange to overcome your cut but will I’ll be able to forgive you or not. I know I won’t be able to forget. So let this cut heal and time passes. As for the person, things change n things will never feel the same.

GoodBye Cookie Rat

Since i kept hearing n watching the weekend become first love weekend mode, i decide to express my goodbye letter to mines which i wrote and type like 3 months ago and give it to Edumin though a message and no he didn’t reply. I’m glad i close this door of love in my life. 

Wow Edumin, u haven’t change a bit man. LOL :) I just wanted to let you that im glad your doing ok, doing your thing & being yourself. I wanna thank you for getting me into lady gaga & thank you for being my first love. If if wasn’t for you coming to my life. I would had been still weak in the closet but u made me come out my shell. Thank you Edumin & I’m still sorry for ending things like that though a text message. I let my angry got the best of me over this damn site & your personal issue. Thank U Edumin, Cookie Rat and enjoy your life… was good to see you again. Later & Goodbye (no matter how many times i say GB, you will remember me anyways LOL) Cookie Rat Thank you and goodbye my First Love.


its been years since that day……10/24/1999  That Sunday……..I don’t remember how it happen anymore…..all i remember is the blood and your body falling in front of me. Fallen down in front of my eyes….you was my classmate, my Sunday friend who i can talk too……After all this time, I still wanna know what u wanted to tell me before u say never meant to say goodbye…….U left me with a kiss and that kiss left me so many unawesed questions. Tomorrow ill pray for you, ill think about you and ill cry for you and whenever that day comes when i see you in the afterlife. I will get my answer.. thank you brain and i still miss you today


"To love is almost to believe." -Hugo

"As long as people have friends to share their sadness, it becomes easier to bear." -Shakespeare

"Wherever there is one of us, the other is present." -Hemingway

"Sometimes it’s better to be wrong about your motives than to listen to the truth." -La Rochefoucauld

"When two people cry together for the first time, they understand how much they love each other." -Emile Deschamps

"The greatest joy Love can give you is to take your lover’s hand for the first time." -Stendhal

"Love is a sacred madness." -Renaissance Proverb

"The moment when one begins to love another is when life really starts." -Scuderi

"Since she wanted me, I ask myself up to what point I became more respectable." -Goethe

"If somebody asks why I loved the way I did I’ll answer that both of us were authentic. That is my only answer." -Montaigne

"To be in a relationship isn’t the only way to be in love. One sided love is, in its own way, a complete love." -Segawa [Tada kimi wo aishiteru]

"All we did is love each other, but… our love is forbidden. Why is it a sin?"


Jeremy Decherchi
this guy expression on his face is the same as mines, the night i was in the rain while lighting n thunder was all out. the day i walk into darkness.
An Archangel question.

You Play with humans beings, I play with Monsters.

I can handle monsters, while you handle your humans.

now here my question, what make us different from them?

Game on -The Dark Knight Archangel. 

just had a Horosope Moment. :D

Just read Yesterday Face Book Love Horoscope and I’m like…..When the time is right and comes shesshh lol  I d enjoy reading these God messages, fortune Cookie and  Love Horoscope. :)

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